Heating Systems


Team Tebby has been dedicated to customer comfort and satisfaction since 1988. In addition to their best-in-class network of distributors and dealers, we offer exceptional reliability and energy efficiency through an extensive line of durable heating and cooling products.


Replacing Your Furnace

Is your furnace 15 years or older? With technological advancements in heating systems over the last decade you may be spending far too much money heating your home.

Upgrading your furnace to a high efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified model with a brushless DC motor is the greatest improvement you can make to lower your heating costs and save energy. You could save over 30% annually on your heating costs compared to an old standard efficiency furnace. Choose the right size furnace for your home. Most furnaces can provide far more heat than a house requires, even on the coldest winter day. 

As a result, the odds are that you won't need to buy a new furnace with the same output as your current one. A furnace of the correct size will also operate more efficiently, last longer, save you money on heating throughout the season and provide comfort in all parts of your home.

Do you need to replace your heating system? Maybe you suspect that this is the case, but you're really not sure. Call us today for a free on-site inspection of your system, and we can diagnose what is going on.


Does Your Heating System Need Frequent Repairs?

The costs of replacing different components in your furnace can really add up if it needs to be done on a regular basis. If frequent repairs are the norm, this may be a sign that your heating system is experiencing a lot of wear and tear, which can reduce the efficiency of the system. It would be better to replace it with a new, more efficient system than to keep putting money into equipment that won't be as efficient even after repairs.

Does Your Heating System Seem Noisy?

Have a Team Tebby specialist assess your furnace to determine the source of the noise. In a forced warm air heating system, noisiness could suggest that you have undersized ducts, or that fans or blowers have either not been properly attached to the house structure or are lacking in maintenance.

Unexpected breakdowns can be costly and inconvenient. Ensure proper operation of your equipment by scheduling an annual heating maintenance appointment with one of our Team Tebby professionals.

Are Some of Your Rooms Too Hot or Cold?

If you're noticing significant temperature differences from room to room, it could be that your heating system is not operating properly. You could also have duct problems, or it could be an issue with insulation. These are just some of the signs that you may need new heating system. For more information contact us today – we can answer any questions you may have, and assess your needs to determine which heating or cooling system is right for your home.